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Get rid of unwanted, unsightly tattoos... permanently!

TrinityDr. Zogg has years of experience with laser tattoo removal and is continuously looking for the most effective laser technology, technique, and protocols. Zogg Dermatology is proud to offer a real solution to unwanted tattoos and meet any and all of your tattoo removal needs.

Treating a variety of tattoos with the Astanza Trinity.

Ever wish you could take back a decision to have a tattoo permanently added to your skin? Years of research and development have lead Zogg Dermatology to choose the Astanza Trinity for laser tattoo removal. It is the most powerful triple wavelength laser system in the U.S. and is precise enough to remove tattoos of every shape and size, from all skin types, in the fewest treatments possible. The Trinity is perfect for removing shades of  black, red, blue, green, gray, purple, and anything in between.

How can a laser remove a tattoo?

We know that the sun produces light energy and heat and that dark colored clothing absorbs heat while light colors reflect it. Most of this principle also applies to how a laser removes tattoo ink in the skin.

Our laser produces three different wavelengths of light energy to target and be absorbed by over 99% of ink colors. When the proper laser wavelength is used for a certain ink color or set of colors, the light energy from the laser beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by the targeted colors in the tattoo.

The laser light is pulsed in extremely short bursts (billionths of a second) that have the ability to target only the tattoo ink and leave the surrounding skin intact. When the laser energy encounters the tattoo, the ink instantly heats up and shatters into tiny molecules. The body’s lymphatic system then clears the ink away over the following weeks.

Zogg Dermatology has added this new laser to complement our skin expertise and add to our ability to treat a wide variety of pigmentation in the skin, including tattoos. While 100% removal is not guaranteed, no other laser system in the world produces as much power and has the color versatility that we do at Zogg Dermatology. Our Southern Minnesota patients will see excellent results with few treatments than ever before.

What can I expect from laser treatments?

Tattoos remove just as differently as the person they are on but we see lightening after just one to three treatments and full removal from 5 to 10 treatments, yet some tattoos require more treatments. Treatment times depend on the size of the unwanted tattoo and colors involved. Treatments take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

Our Goal.

Our goal at Zogg Dermatology is to achieve a percentage of permanent reduction in the tattoo’s visibility with each treatment. For most patients, a treatment program ranging from five to ten treatments should provide a clear, satisfactory result. Due to many variables including the qualities of ink, the ink color itself, the talent of the tattoo artist, depth of the tattoo, and individual characteristics, some patients may require additional treatments beyond the initial plan. Each human organism is unique and no medical procedure ever has a “guaranteed” outcome.

Call 507-373-2270 for a free consultation appointment today and let us help you erase your tattoo.

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